Tip of the Week

Tip of the Week

Severson Sisters is all about empowering girls of all ages with tools to help them BE SUPER GIRLS! Each week a new tip will come your way. The goal of this tip of the week is to shine a light on your path of empowerment, enrichment and esteem.

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                                            March 28, 2013

Insurmountable? I Don’t Think So!

What’s the biggest obstacle you’re facing right now? Raising your grade before the semester ends? Managing your finances in a tough economy? Balancing quality time with your family with extra hours at work? Despite our best efforts, life has a way of throwing curve balls our way; sometimes, it can feel like our goals are simply unattainable. So often, our biggest enemy is the girl staring back at us in the mirror. How can the girl looking back at you become your staunchest advocate? Here are some tips…

  • Purchase a pack of post-it notes or a dry erase marker. Challenge yourself to leave an inspiring message on your mirror for you to see in the morning, every night for one week. Relate it to the obstacle you want to overcome. For example: if you’re struggling in a class you want to do well in, write a note that says, “You’re going to ace that exam!” Our thoughts affect our reality.
  • Prioritize. Learn to purposefully make time for what matters most; often, we are less busy than we think we are. Choose your language when choosing what you want to do. Exchange the phrase “I don’t have time” for “It’s not a priority.” Being deliberate with your language reminds you that time spent is a choice made…and if we are more aware of our choices, we can be more aware of ourselves and those around us.
  • Avoid overwhelming yourself. The swiftest way to set yourself up for failure is to be unrealistic. Breathe. Remember you are human and that humans must value humility to succeed. Despite the conflicting messages sent your way by bosses, co-workers, and peers, you needn’t do everything at once.