The Power of 3!

The Power of 3!

Dear Super Girl:

I love the number 3. There’s this saying that ‘Everything hits in 3’s.’ And I think there’s something to that. I came into 2013 (notice the number here…) saying that this year is my year for 3’s!

We launched the Super Girl Guide: The Radio Show last week and our co-hosts are brilliant!  We held our 2013 Severson Sisters Super Girl Ball last Friday and it was magical!   And now we’re launching the Severson Sisters Junior Super Girl Ambassador Alliance.

The Ambassador Alliance piece is one I’m really excited about. It’s a peer-to-peer initiative that will be led by the Miss Junior Teen Scottsdale. She’s a 6th grader here in the Valley and she came to us and asked how she can help.

We get that a lot. Girls want to get involved. They don’t just want to attend the program anymore. They want to run with the program. They want to be the ones out in the community making changes and helping their peers.

I see our big picture and the more that happens on this journey the clearer my big picture gets.

When Miss Junior Teen Scottsdale called and said that she wants to help girls because she’s bullied and sees how it affects girls in her school, I knew this was our time to really take another big leap.

Needless to say, I’m SUPER excited about March! Here’s to a really beautiful start to a really powerful month! Keep an eye out for the Junior Super Girl Ambassador Alliance. Listen in to the Super Girl Guide: The Radio Show. Feel the excitement that 2013 brings with it and enjoy it!

Sending you all my very best Super Girl energy for a very special day!

Carrie Severson
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