Super Girl Guide: The Radio Show

Super Girl Guide: The Radio Show

Dear Super Girl:

When I first launched Severson Sisters, I had a feeling things would move pretty fast. Maybe it was because I was moving fast. Even still, I remember feeling as though I couldn’t move fast enough that year. I bet that feeling is pretty normal for business leaders when they first get going.

I remember the moment I realized I knew what I wanted to do with my life. It was as though someone had finally lifted this big, heavy blanket off my eyes and put this spotlight on this gigantic statue standing right in front of me. I remember wondering how long that statue had been there…

I knew from the very beginning that Severson Sisters was going to involve girls, self-esteem enhancing activities, creative arts and sisterhoods. Even before I knew the name of this organization I knew what we’d do to be of service to the world. The ‘HOW’ I was going to do it came later. It’s still coming forward actually.

The further I go on this really cool journey of mine, the more opportunities come forward to help me in the ‘HOW’. We start another one of those amazing opportunities to help me with the ‘HOW’ this week.

In September of 2012 I was interviewed on a network radio show with Voice America Kids. I was about 20 minutes early. It was just the producer of the radio show and I. I didn’t know much about radio, or network radio for that matter, so I asked a lot of questions. Voice America Kids is sponsored by Voice America. The Kids side of the brand has 32 network radio shows that run for an hour each week. It’s radio run by kids – for kids. Brilliant idea! And in our conversation I realized Voice America Kids and Severson Sisters had a major opportunity to do something really cool and totally new.

Fast forward five months to this week. I’m thrilled to say that the Super Girl Guide: The Radio Show launches on this Thursday at 5 pm PST! The Super Girl Guide is co-hosted by two pre-teen girls. And these Super Girls talk about real-life issues girl face today at school and out in their community. They talk about hobbies, friendships, bullying and what it means to live their lives as Super Girls.

Our co-hosts are Callie, 11 years old, and Carlee, 12 years old.  Regular topics Carlee and Callie will share their thoughts on are respect, acceptance, healthy relationships, peer-pressure, competition and body image.

The Super Girl Guide will air every week so be sure to tune in and join us as we reach out to millions of Super Girl around the world! You can even email Callie and Carlee through our web site and ask them questions to address on their show.

I love saying that – THEIR SHOW. Severson Sisters has always been about the girls and I’m so honored to be a vehicle for this work.

Sending you all my very best Super Girl energy for a very special day!

Carrie Severson
Severson Sisters Super Girl Guide to Respect –

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