The Severson Sisters Super Girl Guide To Relationships


Severson-Relationships CoverSuper Girls are all about living as their awesome, authentic super selves. We are so excited you found this workbook! The Super Girl Guide workbooks inspire and support the girls going through the exercises. Each workbook is focused around a different theme. The Super Girl Guide to Relationships is our second workbook in our series.

Our team of experts got together to help you understand how to create more awesome, authentic friendships in life and what to do about the negative relationships in life. The exercises and questions in this workbook will also help you understand the difference between healthy relationships and toxic ones.

You’ll talk about gossip and how to stop it. You’ll get to act out situations with your peers! You’ll get crafty and send out gratitude cards to Super Girls in your life. You’ll work out exercises related to communication and how to positively talk to your friends.

With the help of this Super Girl Guide to Relationships workbook, you’re going to become an even better friend to those in your life right now. And, we bet you’ll gain even better friends as a result of this workbook too!

Plus, you’ll learn how to handle things like mean looks and cyber bullying.

We hope you have as much fun going through this workbook with your fellow Super Girls as we had writing it for you!

Geared toward girls between grades 6 – 8, Severson Sisters Super Girl Program catches them in the middle of some of the most dramatic and transformation-filled years of their childhood. By learning these lessons now, these girls are jump-starting their future to become successful and confident women.

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The Severson Sisters Super Girl Guide To Respect


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We know that growing up can sometimes feel like a maze. The middle-school maze is probably the biggest maze of all. There are friends who may not always treat you like a friend. There are days you want to try something totally new but don’t know how to. There are days you say things about yourself that are not super nice.

Severson Sisters created this Super Girl Guide to Respect because we work with girls who are looking for help through the maze.

Through the Super Girl Guide to Respect we help girls jump start their confidence, learn what respect is all about and have so much fun along the way!

And the best news of all, the Severson Sisters Super Girl Guide to Respect helps you, the parent, and the girls going through this workbook understand what to do if they are being bullied.

We provide the girls with tips on what to do if they see a friend being bullied. We also help the girls understand if they are bullying someone else.

It’s best if the Super Girls sit down with a trusted adult as they work through the Severson Sisters Super Girl Guide to Respect. We identify the trusted adult as the Super Girl Supporter throughout the Super Girl Guide to Respect.

Every Super Girl needs a trusted Supporter. Together both you and your Super Girl will feel so much better about the middle-school maze to life as you work through this Super Girl Guide to Respect.

Super Girls are all about respect and girls are going to have so much fun once they start this guide. Enjoy it with them and celebrate all things super about both of you!

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