Super Girl Program


The Super Girl  program gives girls’ self-esteem enhancing tools, tips on how to develop and maintain healthy relationships with their peers and action plans on gossip, peer pressure and bullying.

We reach our mission through our Super Girl Guide workbooks.

The Super Girl Guide workbooks are inspiring and practical workbooks filled with awesome lessons for young girls. The workbooks are designed around respect, relationships, peer pressure, bullying solutions and creative expression.

The three workbooks Severson Sisters has created are:
Super Girl Guide to Respect
Super Girl Guide to Relationships
Super Girl Guide to Peer Pressure.

The workbooks are designed and written by experts in the field of education, psychology and social work. Girls ages 8 – 13 can go through a workbook on her own, however, it is suggested if she be in a group to get the most of out the Super Girl Guide books.

Examples of individual Super Girl program sessions and activities that girls experience are:

  • Journal and Group Discussion around Super Girl Workbook Questions
  • Discussion about real-life school experiences & solutions around all forms of bullying
  • How to instill positive sisterhoods in school
  • Creative exercises, skits, and role playing
  • Confidence and compassion leadership exercises



Donations by check should be made payable to Severson Sisters.  Our mailing address is 6929 N. Hayden Rd. C4 #466 Scottsdale, AZ 85250.  Donations are also accepted online at .