Super Girl Program

               Severson Sisters Super Girl Program Overview

Our mission is to inspire girls to live their life as their authentic, awesome, super self. Severson Sisters plays a role in the lives of Super Girls to help them become confident Super Women who will lead their communities. We do that by offering a creative and supportive series of workbooks called the Super Girl Guides.

The Super Girl Guide workbook series was created to help girls “Connect to their Inner Super Girl.” The workbooks give girls’ self-esteem enhancing tools, tips on how to develop and maintain healthy relationships with their peers and action plans on gossip, peer pressure and bullying.

Severson Sisters strives to teach girls the importance of building self-esteem as a fundamental tool that will help develop, enhance and deepen their relationships with other females. By doing this, girls learn how to nurture powerful and healthy relationships in life. This is how Severson Sisters believes they will decrease bullying – by enhancing Super Girls.

Our Super Girl Guide workbooks are the base for our Super Girl program.

In 2016, Severson Sisters is launching the Super Girl Club where girls are encouraged to create their own Super Girl programs in their own neighborhoods. Each club will meet when and where they wish and use the Super Girl Guide to direct conversation and activities.

The Super Girl Guide workbooks were developed by our Advisory Board of field experts. Our Super Girl Guide workbooks are:

  • Respect – What can girls do to practice respect in their daily life? How can they show their peers respect? Why is respect important in life and in relationships? What are words we can incorporate into our daily lives that help us create a more positive self-image?
  • Relationships – What’s the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships? What do they both feel, look and sound like? How can we create more healthy relationships? How can we handle negative relationships in life? Why do we gossip? How do you stop it?
  • Peer Pressure – What are real life examples of peer pressure? (Drugs, alcohol, sex, law-breaking.) Why do people do it to one another? How can girls walk away from it in a positive manner? How can girls create friendships that avoid peer pressure? How can girls help friends who are experiencing it? What are the consequences of peer pressure?

Examples of individual Super Girl Guide activities that girls experience are:

Journal and Group Discussion around Super Girl Workbook questions;

Discussion about real-life school experiences &solutions around all forms of bullying;
How to instill positive sisterhoods in schools;
Creative exercises; Skits and Role playing; and
Confidence and compassion leadership exercises.