Severson Sisters is now customizing the Super Girl Guide to Respect Program for schools around the country. The Super Girl Guide to Respect Program is both creative and supportive. The curriculum we designed is within a workbook format and we utilize the workbook throughout this school program.

The purpose of the Super Girl Guide to Respect is to teach middle-school girls supportive ways to build self-esteem and stronger relationships with peers. It features lighthearted and creative ways to enhance self-respect and gives girls customized bullying-solution methods to fit what’s going on in their lives.

Girls will discover, identify and celebrate qualities that she loves and respects about herself. Girls will work with Severson Sisters staff and volunteers as they learn self-esteem enhancing tools, how to develop and maintain strong friendships with their peers and action plans on how to handle different bullying scenarios.

Severson Sisters has various options for schools to bring the Super Girl Guide to Respect Program to their girls. They are:

  • Workshop on campus during a school day. (Two hours)
  • Workshop held on a Saturday. (Three hours)
  • A 4-week brown bag lunch program. (50 minutes each session)

If you are interested in bringing the Severson Sisters Super Girl Guide to Respect to your school, please Contact Us for more information and pricing options.

Severson Sisters is also able to train your staff in the curriculum.