Partnerships and Butterflies!

Partnerships and Butterflies!

Dear Super Girl:

I’ve been thinking a lot about the idea of partnerships. It’s a concept I really love. I believe in the continuous flow of good, strong, abundant relationships and what those do for the world.

I enter professional partnerships with an open mind and open heart. I set the intention before going into an initial meeting to find a truthful and soulful way where Severson Sisters can be of service to the greater good of the specific partnership.

I’ve always had that intention and I think that’s why Severson Sisters is receiving so many queries for partnerships so far this year. I know that our purpose is to be of service to girls of the world. And it’s my job, first and foremost, to continue my walk in this pathway of light.

When I find a great partnership and am able to clearly see how Severson Sisters can give, I usually get this flittering feeling in my heart. I call it butterflies! That’s why there are butterflies in the logo, all around my office and home. When I feel those butterflies, I know I’m going in the right direction.

So far this year this year has been filled with butterflies! We entered into a great partnership with Voice America Kidstar Network and we’re launching Super Girl Guide: The Radio Show really soon so stay tuned. We’ll be of great service to girls around the world through this outlet and the amount of butterflies fluttering around me is unlike anything else we’ve done.

We secured partnerships with local restaurants and businesses around the Valley every month and we’re able to serve more girls in the community through proceeds continuously coming in this way.

I’m super eager to tell you about a cool partnership we’re developing right now that will expand our services to CHICAGO this summer! Holy Butterflies, Super Girl! It’s feels like a field of butterflies is floating in when I think of the number of lives I know we’ll impact through this relationship. Stay tuned for more here too.

Here’s the thing I’ve learned about partnerships, Super Girl: It’s ok to walk away from some. A partnership is equal parts giving and receiving. I have a tell-tale for knowing when to release partnerships. When I have to force myself to find a way to be of service or when the balance of giving and receiving is off (on either party) I get a sinking feeling the pit of my gut. That’s my way of recognizing whatever partnership or relationship I’m contemplating is one that will push me off my path of light and service.  And I let it go and trust that something greater is coming in.

My job as the leader of Severson Sisters, Super Girl, is to continue to reach out and receive strong partnerships with individuals, companies, schools, media outlets and other organizations so that we can expand our light and give to the greater good of girls around the world.

My wish is that you keep us in mind this year as our partnerships expand.  Hold a positive thought that girls in every major market across the country are able to Connect to their inner Super Girl through our work.

I can see it and it gives me butterflies…

Sending you all my very best Super Girl energy for a very special day!

Carrie Severson
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