Outstanding, Super Girl!

Outstanding, Super Girl!

Dear Super Girl:

The 2nd Super Girl Ball is next Friday. I’m really excited about this! Last year, I was actually really nervous about it. We were (and I guess still are) such a young organization and putting on an event like this is a big deal. This year, there is so much excitement surrounding us and I’m happy about that.

This type of event is typically considered a fundraiser for organizations like Severson Sisters. I decided, though, that I’m calling and thinking of the Super Girl Ball as a celebration instead of a fundraiser.

We are an empowerment organization. We offer programs and services to girls as way to enhance their self-esteem. So everything we do should be of service to the girls. Last year, I got so caught up in the event itself that I became really focused on the outcome. The results are uncontrollable – so I decided that we’re going to throw the best Super Girl Ball celebration we can!

We want to help the girls and parents who come to the Super Girl Ball to get a good understanding of what we do. We help girls figure out what make them Super Girls through creative art and the Super Girl Ball will be just one more way for us to do that with the community.

To match that feeling we’d like our guests to experience themselves, we’re bringing in ribbon, gems, markers, wooden art décor, hearts, stars and feathers, glitter…every Super Girl needs some glitter and a few feathers.

What I think I’m even more excited about are our Outstanding Super Girl nominations. Our core values are education, awareness, playfulness and inspiration. We name four girls as our Outstanding Super Girls at the Super Girl Ball. One girl is named in each of our four core values.

We have our Outstanding Super Girls. We have the four for 2013 and I seriously hold back tears whenever I read what their moms, grandmothers and neighbors have sent in about them.

The city of Phoenix is filled with amazing girls. And I’m very proud to be here. I’m very proud to be out there offering our program and this celebration – the Super Girl Ball – to this city. I think I’m even more proud to be surrounded by this amazing young generation. Our world is in good hands. And I’m honored to watch the growth.

Who knows, maybe there will be a Super Girl Ball in every major city one day.

Make a wish on that idea for me! What a celebration we would have if the Super Girl Ball went nationwide!

Sending you all my very best Super Girl energy for a very special CELEBRATION!

Carrie Severson
Severson Sisters Super Girl Guide to Respect – http://seversonsisters.org/shop/

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