I Was Called A Sexist Today

I Was Called A Sexist Today


Dear Super Girl:

A man sent me this email this morning:

“I don’t see anywhere on your website where you have a boys program… Do you have a boys program? Maybe I’d consider donating had you had one… Instead, you’re just sexist.”

I get asked a lot about why I am so dedicated to Severson Sisters holding strong to this girl-empowerment space.

It’s easy to sit behind a computer in and call me a sexist. I created, launched and dedicate my life to empowering girls. This action is low hanging fruit and an easy name to throw my way. And I’m grateful I know how to let it slide right off me. I understand he is clearly upset that I decided to let someone else step up and create, launch and dedicate their life to empowering boys.

And I hope someone does. I hope the man who called me a sexist this morning does.  I hope he is the person to step up and dedicate his life to empowering boys because they do need a program.

The Severson Sisters Super Girl program stands for respect, acceptance, whole health, positive relationships and solutions to bullying-situations. When we work with girls, we provide them with tools and lessons that help them apply all of those aspects to their life. We teach them how to respect and accept themselves and in turn everyone around them. We help them see and feel the differences between a healthy and unhealthy relationship.

I have experience with all of this personally. I had such low self-esteem as a girl and as a result I took part in negative, unhealthy relationships. Had I had a program like ours growing up, I would have been better to myself and those around me (boys included in that).

By empowering girls to love who they are, as they are, they learn how to do that very thing for anyone and everyone around them. They treat their peers, brothers, friends, families and neighbors with kindness. And then, they grow up to know how to treat their colleagues and employees with respect and kindness. And, when they’re old enough to raise a family, they treat their children with love and kindness.

And they’re able to do all of that because they learned at an early age how to disengage from negative thought patterns, anger, resentment, hate, shame, guilt and embarrassment.

Severson Sisters is a non-profit organization that empowers girls in the world and I’m honored and proud to be the founder and CEO of it.

I thought about responding to this man with love, compassion and strength. Maybe I will someday. Instead, I decided to take it one step further and dedicate this blog to everyone out there with his mindset – as well as all of those out there who share my mindset.

I’m pro humanity. I just happen to dedicate my life to empowering girls so they grow up to treat everyone they come in contact with – regardless of their sex – with respect, acceptance and love.

Sending you all my very best Super Girl energy for a very powerful day!

Carrie Severson
Severson Sisters Super Girl Guide to Respect – http://seversonsisters.org/shop/

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