flowers 5 5 2014Terese is a 12-year-old girl who dreams of dancing and singing on Broadway one day.  She practices whenever she can.  She loves that about herself too but unfortunately, she knows the emotional turmoil that comes as a result of being bullied.


She was picked on every day.
She was pushed off bleachers at school.
She was isolated by girls at school.
She missed half of the school year because she was so afraid to go.
She was so worried she often times didn’t sleep at night.
She suffered from headaches, stomach pains and sores on her scalp.
She would scratch herself until she bled as a way to deal with the anxiety.
The bullying she experienced didn’t make her feel like she belonged in this world.

Terese came to the Severson Sisters Super Girl program in the summer of 2013.  Her goals during her Super Girl Program were to learn how to stand up for herself and how to build her self-confidence to better deal with the bullying that went on at her school.

During one session, Terese wrote down on a piece of paper that she self-harmed as a cry for help. Severson Sisters helped Terese communicate with her mother about what was happening at school. Severson Sisters also made sure Terese had professional help outside the Super Girl Program to help with her anxiety.

As the Super Girl program unfolded, so did Terese’s confidence.  She spoke up, expressed herself and by the end of her Super Girl program she decided to she is now ready to help other girls find their inner Super Girl.

Terese now knows how to stand up for herself, speak up for herself, and knows her opinion matters more than everyone else’s. She can say she loves and believes in herself now more than ever.

Her biggest advice to girls being bullied today is to, “Always believe in yourself and know that the situation will get better.”

We asked Terese, “What makes you a Super Girl?”  She replied, “I am loving, ambitious, and am not afraid to stand up for myself.”

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