Three Weeks

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Dear Super Girl:

Yesterday we partnered with The Buzz Bus Tour on an all-day event at Explorer Middle School.  We offered wellness tips to 300 7th and 8th grade kids.  The Buzz Bus took the boys and ran empowering exercises and relay races while we worked with the girls on identifying Power Words.

We worked with a new group of kids every 45 minutes for six hours.  It was INTENSE to say the least!  I had the help of two Super Girl Facilitators yesterday and was really impressed with them.  It’s so cool to watch each one of them in action.  They had different techniques and different styles AND the same impact.  They inspired girls.  They empowered girls.  And I was so proud to see that happen.

We started with our Power Word exercise when working with the girls yesterday.  It’s typical for girls to have a hard time listing a positive attribute at first.  It took most of our time together just to get them to see their qualities as their Power Words.  And in our program – those positive qualities (or Power Words) make them Super Girls.

We believe it’s vital to find your positive qualities every day and noticing the change in the words you list out each day.  Yesterday, my Power Word was giving.  Today, my Power Word is persistent.  Two different positive qualities & Power Words YET the same Super Girl. 

Every time I’m personally out in the field with girls I’m motivated at a new found level.  As a result of yesterday’s six-hour event, I’m SUPER charged to raise $9,000 within the next three weeks.

Why?  Because that’s what it’s going to cost to offer Super Girl Facilitator Scholarships to the six women in Arizona & Wisconsin who are seeking scholarships from us.

This is my request of you, Super Girl… See us receiving $9,000 within these next three weeks.  See us in Arizona & Wisconsin on May 10 with all six of these women receiving our training.  See those six women in Wisconsin & Arizona empowering girls.  See those girls changing the world in their own way.

See it all happening. With your help, Super Girl…it’s totally happening.

Sending you all my very best Super Girl energy for an empowering kinda day!

Carrie Severson

Want me to create inspiring content for your audience on a regular basis?  I’d love to! Words are my Super Power!  Email me today at and let’s start!