I Am Bullied Still

I Am Bullied Still

I find it ironic that adults feel they can intimidate me through bullying tactics. Even now, after all I’ve gone through, after all I’ve done and all I’ve learned people still think I’ll fold to bullying.

I really debated on writing a blog about this. Ultimately, I decided to talk about the negative words, negative thoughts and negative actions I’ve received from men and women lately because this should be discussed.

Bullying happens in the adult world as well. There are folks in the self-empowerment business world talking trash about me. And as a result, they’re bad mouthing Severson Sisters.

Here’s my response to all that nonsense:

It strengthens me.
It proves what I believe in is beautiful.
It proves what I stand for is powerful.
It proves what I feel I was created to do in the world is meaningful.
It proves what I think of myself, my work and this organization I’ve created from scratch is necessary.
It proves what I fight for is critical.

I know what I’m doing with my life makes a difference. The girls I work with learn at a young age that harsh, vulgar words, thoughts or actions do nothing to better the world.

I am the leader of the Super Girls.

That’s something I say.
That’s something I believe.
That’s something I think.
That’s something I feel.
That’s something I act on.
That’s something I stand for.
That’s something I fight for.
With love, grace and gratitude.

When men and women talk negatively about me, what I stand for and Severson Sisters, I’m amazed.  I’m disgusted. I’m disappointed.

For just a few minutes.

And then I go back to the work. I go back to raising money to work with more Super Girls. I go back to networking. I go back to leading the Board of Directors. I go back to working with the Advisory Board on curriculum and workbooks. I go back to learning how to be a better leader for myself, the girls and the organization.

Your words, thoughts and actions slip right off me. I am surrounded by a loving, graceful, supportive network that goes way beyond my immediate family and friends now.

I understand that by simply writing this and posting it and sending it off to everyone I know (both locally and nationally) people will continue to say and do whatever they want. This might even aggravate that cycle.

I hope it stops but I’m fine with it if it doesn’t.

In fact, I’ve decided to create a women’s program called the Super Women Program to help them work through some of these same situations as a result of the harsh, negative things I’ve received lately.

I believe in living life authentically. I believe in living life through love, grace and gratitude.  All of  that starts with communication.

I have a lot to give to women and I look forward to helping them find their Authentic Voice.

Sending you all my very best Super Girl energy for a very special day!

Carrie Severson
Severson Sisters Super Girl Guide to Respecthttp://seversonsisters.org/shop/

If women would like to know more about this new Super Women program, please Contact Us with the subject line “Participation”.  I will send you workshop outlines and pricing.