The Bus Driver Monitor.

Dear Karen:

What a month you’ve had. A 10-minute video that clearly hurt you changed your life. And I wonder HOW you think it’ll change your life. I read somewhere that you bought a three-wheeled bike with a basket on the back so you can run to the store for groceries. I love that! I can see you now, smilling, three-wheeling your way down the street.

I’m grateful so many people (from 84 countries) stepped up to the plate to give to you the way they have.

I’m wondering how you’re feeling now. I’d love to talk to you. The way you handled all this press around something that clearly hurt you was very brave.

I have many questions for you. I have many questions for those boys. I have many questions for the parents of those boys. I have a few questions for the bus driver too.

For you, I’d like to know:
What did those boys say to you when they apologized?
Have you forgiven them?
Was it ever a question in your mind to press charges?
What are you going to do with the money?!
Who are you taking on vacation?!
What’s Matt Lauer really like?

For the boys, I’d like to know:
How are you going to better the world behaving like that?
What makes you so angry?
How does it feel to know the entire world knows what you did?

For the parents of those boys, I’d like to know:
Are you getting a lot of negative response as a parent now?
Were you shocked at how your child conducts himself when he’s not around you?
What are you doing differently moving forward?

For the bus driver, I’d like to know:
How often does that happen on your bus?
Are you given any training on how to stop something like that from happening again?
How did you feel when the video broke?

Karen: The best part about my job is knowing I’m changing lives. The worst part about my job is being constantly reminded of how cruel people can be to one another. The day that video of you went viral must have been so overwhelming for you. I lost count of the number of emails, texts, phone calls and messages I received about your story. And I’m still receiving messages about you.

I’ve spoken to so many people about that video and the campaign surrounding you. So many people want to see change and I’m grateful for that too.

Congratulations on the $683,000 that this amazing campaign brought to you. If I were you I’d take my three-wheeler to Europe and ride until I saw it all.

All my best for your new adventure!

Carrie Severson