Aurora, Colorado

The morning of Friday, July 20 was horrific. I admit that as soon as I heard what happened I thought of Columbine. I immediately questioned how long this James Holmes man had been bullied.

I sat and combed through pages and pages of news clips and articles about James Holmes. It became apparent that I wasn’t the only one looking for an explanation. There is still a lot of conversation, YouTube videos, Facebook pages and news floating around about James Holmes. More specifically, there are questions around what made James Holmes act so viciously.

An article in The Washington Post quoted a Catholic priest saying he believes James to be taken over by evil. Rather than spend more energy on James Holmes I finally asked myself this: “If he were bullied, would that justify his actions?”


I flipped my thinking. Next question I asked myself was: “How can I help the girls in Aurora who may be struggling with understanding why this happened?”

Send some light their way.

While we’re not a counseling program, I still believe we can help in some capacity. Rather than put my focus on James Holmes, I researched Aurora. I reached out to the Mayor. I reached out to the Program Manager of the Region 6 Metro Denver Girl Scouts Council. I put a package together that includes our Severson Sisters Super Girl Promise cards, personal promise cards, self-compassion curriculum, wooden door-hangers, pens and instructions for a Girl Scout Troop Leader in Aurora to implement with a Girl Scout Troop.

I mailed it up to the Girl Scouts of Colorado office with the intention that Severson Sisters offer light, support and comfort for the girls we serve.

Our program is a hands-on program. We developed it this way because we believe changing behavior includes taking action.

We took action.

Did you?